Reasons to Buy Artificial Plants

When you’re looking to add a house plant or bouquet of flowers to your interior design, there are so many things to consider!

“How often does the plant need watering?"
"What sort of light will it thrive in?"
"How long will it live for?"
"Will it set off the kids’ hayfever?"
"What will happen if the cat chews it?"
"What will it cost to replace if I can’t find my green fingers!?”

If any of those questions made you contemplate whether live plants and flowers are really for you, then you should consider this next question…

“What about artificial plants and artificial flowers…?”

Now, we know that artificial plants and artificial flowers aren’t always the first consideration when looking for greenery, but they’re a really good option for a range of designs and interiors.

So, if you’re looking for something that will always look fresh and is super easy to care for, read on to find out the benefits of artificial plants and artificial flowers…

1. They’re really low maintenance
And when we say low maintenance, what we mean is little-to-no maintenance.

Artificial plants, artificial trees and artificial flowers are really easy to care for. They don’t need watering, pruning or spraying with pesticides – all they need is a wipe over routinely to keep them free of dust.

2. They can be placed almost anywhere
If you’re looking to brighten up a room but it doesn’t have much natural light, then worry not!

Our artificial trees, plants and flowers don’t have any special requirements or need any light to stay looking their best, and we have UV stable options so they stay green all year round outside, so you can really get creative on where you place them.

3. They last a long time
And when we say a long time, we mean a really long time.

The average life span of a bouquet of real flowers from a supermarket or florist is between 7-12 days, depending on the flowers, quality and care, and how often have you given up on a sad looking house plant? Our artificial flowers and artificial plants last forever! Gone are the days of wilting flowers each week and waving goodbye to your plant into the garden bin, our artificial flower bouquets just need to be placed in a vase (with no water!) and or the artificial plants into a pot of your choice and they will stay looking bright and beautiful, always.

4. They are hypoallergenic
No more sneezing – hurray!

Artificial plants and artificial flowers don’t produce any pollen, so they’re perfect for those with hayfever or pollen sensitivities!

5. They’re safe for pets
There are lots of plants and flowers that can be toxic to pets, but our range of plants are non-toxic and safe for pets.

We don’t recommend you replace their toys with artificial plants mind, but if they do have a little bit of our artificial plants, it might not be as fatal as some live plants can be.

See our blog here on pet friendly artificial flowers.

6. They’re cost effective & a worthwhile investment in the long run
How much do you think you spend on flowers each year?

Lets do the math... If you bought a nice bouquet of flowers (£20-£30 a time) every two weeks (26 weeks in the year), you’d be spending somewhere between £520 and £780 per year on flowers!

Make the swap to artificial flowers, your initial spend would be somewhere between £70-£90 per bouquet, but they last forever, so that's all you'd spend...

This works out as a whopping saving of £430 to £710 a year! Factor in there’s no cost for maintaining them either, artificial plants and artificial flowers are a real win-win.

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