Artificial Green Walls

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Ascott are the artificial trees, plants, flowers and greenery specialists. Artificial green walls are a popular options for both interior and exterior designs, suited to a range of environments. Used to cover entire walls or individually as a framed feature, our artificial living wall and preserved plant wall panels are versatile to use, with options for a range of budgets, we will ensure to find the best solution to suit you. We take pride in how botanically accurate our artificial green wall and preserved plant wall panels are, ensuring a highly authentic finish.

All of our artificial plant wall options have the benefit of being low maintenance, so there's no worry for pruning or concern that foliage growth will damage the surface it is against. All of our panels are easy to install, with guides supplied on how best to fit your green wall panels, and a friendly customer service team at the end of the phone to help if needed too.

Our artificial plant walls are fully customisable too, so if you're looking to add in a splash of colour, from delicate white hydrangea flowers to hues of pink roses, or if you'd like to add in additional style of artificial foliag such as grasses and ferns, or even have us create an entirely bespoke artificial living plant wall for you. Artificial plant wall panels can be created from a range and mixture of foliages, from grasses, bushes, maple foliage, wisteria, ivy and more, the possibilities are endless to create a look bespoke to your requirements.

Preserved moss panels are also popular choice for interior designs, can can be made bespoke to any size or shaped panel. Made from real moss that has been perserved to maintain its natural look and feel. Whether you're looking for an internal divider wall, a moss picture or something entirely unique such as a map made of moss, we're the team to help.

As with our collections of products, Fire Retardant and UV resistant foliage options are available, please let us know your requirements.

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