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Ascott specialise in supplying handmade artificial trees, artificial plants and artificial hedging. Our beautifully handcrafted range will make any space come alive, presenting you with the beauty of nature without the commitment and care of maintaining living greenery.

Ascott started as a small family business building artificial trees, quickly gaining a reputation for quality and design with a well-established loyal following of commercial and domestic clients. With over twenty years’ experience in creating the very highest quality artificial trees and hedging, Ascott’s premium products grace many domestic and commercial spaces both in the UK and abroad.

In our studio, our design team have an extensive background in floristry and handcraft every tree and hedge to be as authentic and naturally beautiful as possible. We work with real wood stems, responsibly sourced from suppliers in the UK, and we only use the highest quality faux foliage, procured from suppliers that share our commitment to producing exceptional products.

This means that our artificial trees, artificial topiary and artificial hedging look as realistic as possible and we are confident you will enjoy your Ascott products and designs for many years to come.

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Creating our Artificial Products

Step 1. Sourcing the wood

We only use natural wood and stems, delivered to us from local farmers or forestry managers in the UK, to produce our artificial trees.

As a company, we have a commitment to be as environmentally conscious as possible, so no living trees are cut down, but instead are provided by our suppliers as a by-product of responsible environmental forestry management.

Step 2. Crafting the tree shape

Our design team choose the most suitable stems for each individual tree, typically using two per tree, depending on the shape of foliage required for the finished product.

As we use natural trunks the trees may be single or multi stem, according to availability and to suit the size of tree at the time of order.

We believe in combining botanical accuracy with an emphasis on the aesthetic appeal of our finished products and each stem is carefully chosen for the best finish. The stems are then crafted into the perfect arrangement before they are set in concrete.

Step 3. Building the canopy

Once secure, the stems of the tree are sanded or painted if needed before the foliage is attached. We want you to enjoy your artificial tree for many years, so the foliage is carefully and securely fixed to the stem.

Step 4. Packaging & delivery

Our products are carefully packaged and then dispatched to the customer. We have a range of beautiful premium quality planters that can be chosen to compliment your artificial tree or artificial topiary.

Our trees and planters are packaged and shipped in separate parcels in appropriately sized boxes designed to protect your items.

Feel free to contact us for advice on top-dressing your plant.

Ascott is a division of Natural Green Creative Spaces , an independent British design and creative company, committed to designing, producing and installing exclusive spaces for a range of clients. Natural Green Creative Spaces design and construct temporary and permanent living structures for prestigious clients, such as the Jockey Club and Jaguar Land Rover, and the blending of Ascott and Natural Green Creative Spaces means that we can produce bespoke designs with the highest quality artificial greenery.

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